The health insurance solutions multiple employer groups need and their small businesses deserve.

OutFront Health’s proprietary employee benefits platform pools multiple employer group benefits together in the marketplace, creating savings and competitive long-term health pricing. The platform is strategically designed for multiple employer groups, such as PEOs, associations, staffing agencies and family offices.

The small business alternative for complicated and expensive healthcare benefits has arrived. Introducing OutFront Health, an aggregated, self-funded, turnkey platform that provides small businesses with the benefits large employers have enjoyed for decades.

OutFront Health’s employee benefits solution is built upon these key principles:


Our self-insurance strategy minimizes carrier profits by eliminating some of the taxes and fees levied on traditional fully insured health plans.


Our technology-driven platform includes a web-based administration portal, making on-boarding and administering plans quick and easy.


Our platform provides compliance solutions to meet the unique and specific needs of our diverse client base.


Our actuarial and underwriting models provide clients with the opportunity to realize continued savings over time.

Additional features of OutFront Health’s platform

  • Programs self-insuring multiple employer groups
  • A streamlined renewal process
  • Multiple plan design options that provide coverage solutions to fit your specific needs and budget
  • Access to the national CIGNA network, one of the largest PPOs in the country

Optional available services

  • Price transparency—We offer tools to assist clients seeking high-quality care and cost savings.
  • Claims advocacy—Our platform offers a dedicated concierge service that can assist with employee benefit questions, claims issues and support.
  • Patient-centered medical initiatives— Medical tourism and primary care homes 
  • Ancillary benefits—We can provide a comprehensive benefits package with additional benefit options.