Small businesses are a significant segment of the U.S. economy. In fact, small businesses with less than 100 employees represent 96% of all U.S. employers. And it’s these very companies that are accustomed to receiving rate increases, year-over-year, making benefits potentially—and eventually—unaffordable. This scenario indicates that the largest working population is paying the most for their employee benefits. At OutFront Health, we do not believe in a system where affordable, high-quality employee benefit plans are reserved only for large companies. We believe smaller companies should have the very same opportunities at an affordable price.

To alleviate this inequality, we developed an employee benefits platform specifically designed for multiple employer groups, such as PEOs, associations, staffing agencies and family offices. Our solution integrates benefits administration technology with multiple health plan options and is offered at rates less than most employers’ current plans.


OutFront Health is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cobbs Allen, benefiting from the relationships and expertise of a leading insurance broker with more than 125 years of experience.


Matt Weaver J.D., CSFS, CHRS

Managing Partner

Maggie Mange, PHR

Vice President