How It Works

Controlling heathcare costs is possible.

At OutFront Health, we leverage the services of a nationally-recognized actuarial firm, individually underwritten stop-loss contracts, and plans that are rated by each group’s demographics to bring healthcare costs for multiple-employer groups, family offices, PEOs, associations, and staffing organizations under control.

Our benefit plans are level-funded, so your maximum annual claims are predetermined, including claims run-off liability. You pay a set amount each month (which includes administration, claims and stop-loss) for the 12 months of your plan year. This amount is set aside to pay your claims and any other fees throughout the year. Once all claims have been paid for the plan year, each employer group is eligible to receive any remaining balance in the claims fund.

Using your company’s data, our dedicated service team provides ongoing support to tailor solutions based on your needs.

Select a plan that's right for your business

Help determine the right funding options

Partner with administrators and stop-loss carriers to pay claims

Provide access to our online platform to streamline ongoing management